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Friday, February 27, 2009

New US Postage Stamp designs are coming!

With the postage price increase coming on May 11, 2009, summer brides will be looking to see what the new postage stamps designs will look like for their wedding mailings. While the bad news is that the price of wedding postage is going up, the good news is there are several nice designs!

With this ring ... Here is the new 44 cent stamp with two gold wedding rings. Photographed by Renée Comet of Washington, DC, the rings rest on a small white pillow united by a slender ribbon of white silk.

3 tier Wedding Cake Stamp - The new 61 cent stamp features a wedding cake with intricate scroll design on the fondant. Sure to add a touch of beauty and romance to wedding correspondence, the 2009 Wedding Cake stamp is being issued at the two-ounce mailing rate in order to accommodate the heavier weight of an invitation. The 61 cent 2009 postage also covers other mailings such as oversize cards or small gifts that require extra postage. The stamp depicts a three-tier wedding cake topped with white flowers, their green stems and leaves a delightful contrast to the cake’s creamy white frosting. The cake was photographed by Renée Comet of Washington, DC.

King and Queen of Love - a new design at the 44 cent rate, is fun and fresh. Vegas brides could get a kick out of using this for their wedding invitations. Using images from 18th-century French playing cards as reference, artist Jeanne Greco created the stamp art.

Celebrate! This stamp, first issued in 2007, helps to acknowledge a host of happy occasions, from birthdays to engagements to anniversaries and more. This will be available at the 44 cent rate. Artist Nicholas Wilton of San Geronimo, CA, designed the Celebrate! stamp.

Polar bear postcard stamps - While this may not work for all brides, this is the new 28 cent postcard postage that will be issued. Illustrator Nancy Stahl used a collection of photographs to create this design. Stahl has created several stamp designs for the Postal Service, including the Florida Panther in 2007 and Dragonfly in 2008.

David Failor, manager of Stamp Services said "Most of these stamps will be issued on or before the May 11 stamp price change." Stay tuned - we'll update our posts as soon as they will become available.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Pea Bakery Postage

If you love chocolate wedding cake, here's a wedding postage stamp for you. This cake is covered with chocolate ganache and fresh pink roses. One of these will also look great in your wedding scrapbook page. Plus, you'll always know what the cost of postage was when you got married.

Rose cascade wedding cake stamp
Rose cascade wedding cake by sweetpeabakery

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lovely postage from the Flower Shop!

Here's a real beauty ... by theflowershop! Lovely star gazer lily wedding postage that will absolutely pop on your invitation envelopes.
Stargazer Lily Wedding Love Stamps in Purple stamp
Stargazer Lily Wedding Love Stamps in Purple by theflowershop

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding Postage - by Vegasdusoliel

If you're getting married in Vegas, you can't miss with this fantastic "Wedding in Fabulous Las Vegas" wedding stamp by Vegasdusoliel. This is so clever - and fun - to add to your Las Vegas wedding invites.
Red Rose WEDDING in Las Vegas Postage stamp
Red Rose WEDDING in Las Vegas Postage by vegasdusoleil

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Summer brides - take note - new postage rates coming!

The Post Office officially announced that postage rates will be increasing on May 11, 2009. Summer brides need to be sensitive to the postage change when mailing their invites and RSVPs. Custom postage will be available in advance of the May 11, 2009 US Postage rate change. We'll update you once we have the date the new custom designs will be available at the new rate.

Of course, there's always the forever stamp ... if you like the Liberty bell, you're in luck.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Old Fashioned, Vintage Wedding Designs ...

Amanda from Michigan asked us to design a "nostalgic, romantic" look for her wedding cards and postage stamps. She loved this cream, white and pink background with a soft cream rose and old fashioned font. Her wedding cards, postage, and thank you notes have the perfect vintage look that she wanted।

Romantic vintage wedding rose - RSVP stamp