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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Post Office prices to remain the same for 2010 first class postage!

Usually in March, the Post Office brings us the news that they are going to increase prices in May. Well not this year! The good news is there will be no increase for first class mail in 2010. It's going to stay at .44 cents for this year.

According to a statement last fall from the USPS, "The Postal Service will not increase prices for market dominant products in calendar year 2010. Simply stated, there will not be a price increase for market dominant products including First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, periodicals and single-piece Parcel Post."

To which Perfect Postage says "Party on!"

Birthday party invitations will fly through the mail at the same 44 cent rate as last year - what a party!

Now that graduation is around the corner, you can even add your son or daughter's picture to their own postage stamp - at the same 44 cent rate as last year. Now that's Perfect Postage!

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