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Friday, October 30, 2009

Add your photo - achieve instant fame!

US PS famous postage stamps

Add your own photo to US Postage Stamps!

You'll be in good company ...

Some of the most famous politicians, movie stars and well, geniuses, have had their photo on a US postage stamp. Bette Davis, James Dean, Rudy Vallee, Humprhrey Bogart, Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Ricky and Lucy, Ella Fitzgerald, Ronald Regan, Sacagawea, Elvis and now ... you!

You're as cool - maybe cooler -than they are. Just upload your own photo, adjust it the way you like and add whatever text you would like on the stamp. Then sit back and wait for them to be mailed directly to you.

These are real postage stamps that you can mail to your friends, send to business associates, or just add to your scrapbook. Photo postage stamps are easy to make -each sheet holds 20 stamps. Available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and 7 different denominations.

Sure, they cost more than the stamps at the post office ... but these are stamps that you'll remember forever

Create your own photo stamp here!


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Personalize your own family cookbook!

Personalize your own family recipe binder binder
Put your own "stamp" on your family cookbook shelf! If you're looking for a great gift for your mom, grandmother or other family member, why not add a collection of family favorite recipes to this personalized cookbook. You can change the last name on the cover and the spine to make it your family's favorites!

If you want your cookbook even more personal ...

Email ( a few photos of family recipes and we'll add to the front and back to make it even more personal. A treasured keepsake they are sure to love.

Personalize your own family recipe binder binder

This collage of super secret family recipes will take center stage on your cookbook shelf! This sample family features some of the best recipes including ...

  1. Aunt Mamie's Chocolate Brownies

  2. Auntie Mary's apple fritters

  3. Aunt Carolyn's corn casserole

  4. Cousin Barbara's caramel brownies

  5. Colleen's chocolate cupcake recipe (inspired by the Magnolia bakery)

  6. Dad's red beans and rice

  7. Joanne's hot chicken salad

  8. Richard's favorite eggrolls

  9. Lesia's steak soup recipe

  10. Maryellen's Green Rice

Personalize your own family recipe binder binder

For custom made family cookbooks, here's all you do - scan a few of your family favorites and email to

We'll replace a few of the photos on the front and back with your own family recipes to make it that much more personal! Once the photo collage is updated with your favorites, Perfect Postage will email you a proof copy to make sure it's the way you like.

The best recipes we've received are dog eared with grease spots ... you know those are family favorites that everyone loves!

Personalize your own family recipe binder binder

For our German friends ...
Avery individuelle Ordner machen es leicht für Dich, qualitativ hochwertige Ordner mit Deinen Fotos zu gestalten. Erstelle einfach Rezeptordner, Fotoalbum, Konferenzordner oder Ordner für Deine Hausaufgaben. Unsere Ordner gibt es in 3 Größen: 1", 1.5" or 2" (Zoll).

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Perfect Postage - Family Recipe Cookbook / Scrapbook

Perfect Postage - Family Recipe Cookbook / Scrapbook

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ho Ho Holiday Postage!

Happy Holidays! Sure, it's a bit early but we've had so many requests for Christmas and Holiday postage stamps already. At Perfect Postage, we have hundreds of 2009 Christmas postal stamp designs just ready for you personal touch.

We've posted a few of our best sellers below. With the Christmas template stamps, you can add your own Holiday photo. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing themselves on a personalized photo stamp. You can also add text or a greeting or personalize any way you like.

Merry Christmas stamp stamp
Put your kids photo on a Christmas stamp! stamp
A Penguin's Christmas stamp
Merry Christmas Postage Stamp photo template stamp

Personalize your own Christmas postage stamp

As always, if you're looking for a special design, just let us know. For hundreds of "Perfect Christmas" postage designs, visit

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goin to the chapel....

A collection of some of the most beautiful religious postage stamps ... churches, synagogues, chapels, temples and natural beauty. From Sacre Coeur in Paris to a beautiful sunset cross in Bolivar Missouri, enjoy the beauty of these religious postal stamps from around the world. These lovely religious postage stamps will make a great addition to your wedding or other special event invitations.

Holy Cross Church stamp
Holy Cross Church by princssgna
Holy Cross Church in New Britain, Connecticut

Notre Dame Rose Window Stamp stamp
Notre Dame Rose Window Stamp by DLKyles

Temple Reflected Stamp stamp
Temple Reflected Stamp by BlueRojo

Huatulco church 4 stamp
Huatulco church 4 by alinphoto

Church of Mykonos Island Greece stamp
Church of Mykonos Island Greece by foreverspring

cross at sunrise stamp
cross at sunrise by Christianphotogirl

Rough Hewn Cross stamp
Rough Hewn Cross by cowboyannie


Church Tower stamp
Church Tower by beverlytazangel

Taormina view 4 stamp
Taormina view 4 by alinphoto

New York Church stamp
New York Church by perfectpostage

Church in Ponce stamp
Church in Ponce by cassiemolina

Huatulco church 3 stamp
Huatulco church 3 by alinphoto

Huatulco church 1 stamp
Huatulco church 1 by alinphoto

Sunrise/Sunset Church stamp
Sunrise/Sunset Church by gravityx9

Sacre Coeur 1 Postage Stamp stamp
Sacre Coeur 1 Postage Stamp by JadoreParis

Sankt Petersburg 05 stamp
Sankt Petersburg 05 by alinphoto

Prague by Night stamp
Prague by Night by werglein

Pipe Organ postage stamp
Pipe Organ postage by lizardbreath37

Stained Glass Cathedral stamp
Stained Glass Cathedral by MalibuGraphics

Going to the Chapel of Love stamp
Going to the Chapel of Love by beverlytazangel

Judgment Eternal stamp
Judgment Eternal by gmlehmann

Parish In Winter postage stamps stamp
Parish In Winter postage stamps by Chantell

Sankt Petersburg 57 stamp
Sankt Petersburg 57 by alinphoto

Kauai Hawaii North Shore Chapel stamp
Kauai Hawaii North Shore Chapel by perfectpostage

This wondeful collection is from a variety of talented artists and photographers who post their work at

At Perfect Postage, we strive to create the "Perfect Postage" for your special invitations. Whether you're looking for religious, fun, formal, elegant or photo postage, we can help find - or we'll create - the USPS postal stamp you need.