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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disney stamps add pizzazz to your mailing!

Disney Theme Postage Stamps

Mickey Minnie-Birthday Postage stamp
Mickey Minnie-Birthday Postage by Disney - This colorful eye catching Disney postage stamp will make your birthday party envelopes pop! Fun burst of color put the punch in your invitations.

Mickey (Mickey & Friends) stamp
Mickey (Mickey & Friends) by Disney - Mickey looking pretty spiffy - will surely be a hit on your envelopes.

Mickey (Mickey & Friends) stamp
Mickey (Mickey & Friends) by Disney

Having a wizard party theme - here's Mickey with his wizard hat with moon and stars.

Mickey (Mickey & Friends) stamp
Mickey (Mickey & Friends) by Disney
Sweetheart Disney postage stamps - Mickey with his flower bouquet - fun design for your party or special occasion invitations.

If you're planning a Disney birthday, party or other special occasion, make it unique with these character postage stamps ... from Cinderella to Miss Piggy, you're sure to find the postage stamp to match your Disney theme.

With any of the Disney or Muppet Character stamps, you can customize them with your name or other text; Just select the customize tool and add the text you like.  

Looking for more Disney character stamps?

Click on Mickey Mouse and you'll find thousands more or contact Perfect Postage and we'll try to locate what you're looking for.

Mickey (Mickey & Friends) stamp
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Disney Character Postage Stamps

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seashells are a destination wedding couple's favorite. Here's some fabulous sea shell fun ideas:

for save the date can be customized with the couple's names ... add sea shell stamps to the back, add your text and pop in the mail.

For the couple who loves to cook - and loves seafood - why not personalize a sea shell apron as a wedding gift. There's also a great beach bag for the newlyweds you can stuff full of beach party fun for wedding showers, bridal showers or wedding gifts.

Envelope seals in aqua blue make a great finishing touch to your beach invitations - and don't forget the sea shell thank you stamps! For more fun ideas for destination weddings, visit Perfect Postage.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Callas in every color

Calla lilies have long been a bridal favorite - now you can have callas on your wedding stamps to give a perfect detail to your invitations and thank you notes.

The Calla stamp
The Calla by niagaragirl
Here's a stunning vibrant pink calla lily wedding stamp that look so lovely. Perfect for spring or summer weddings.

Colorful calla lily bouquet wedding stamps stamp
Colorful calla lily bouquet wedding stamps
For late summer, fall or winter, check out the beautiful rust, gold, and burnt sienna of these lovely calla lilies. Plenty of room to add your names, monogram or wedding date with the customize tool to personalize these stamps. Perfect postage for your invites.

Calla lily Wedding Postage stamp
Calla lily Wedding Postage
Soft muted colors of cream, green, orange and a hint of purple - dramatic calla lily stamps will really pop on your invitations.

Calla Lily Wedding Flower stamp
Calla Lily Wedding Flower
Vertical wedding stamp with long slender calla lilies. You can change the bride and groom's name to customize with your own.

Elegant calla lily Wedding Postage stamp
Elegant Calla Lily Wedding Cake Postage
One of our best selling designs - a close up of a wedding cake decorated with callas and beaded decor. This wedding postage stamp is simply fantastic on all envelope colors - works well for any wedding season.

Yellow calla lily stamp
Yellow calla lilies
Fall weddings can't miss with these two yellow, gold and orange callas. Wedding stamps come in 3 different sizes and 7 denominations.

Colorful Calla Lilies - with great fall colors stamp
Colorful Calla Lilies - with great fall colors
Splash of color with purple, gold, yellow, cream and peach. This calla lily garden wedding stamp is certainly an attention getter.

Calla lily - lavendar postage stamp stamp
Calla lily - lavendar postage stamp
Dramatic grape / lavendar close up of a calla lily with a damask accent bar. If grape is one of your wedding colors, you'll love this wedding stamp.

White Calla Lily Postage stamp
White Calla Lily Postage by DLUXE_08
Pure white calla lily with dark green leaves - really will make your wedding envelopes pop!

Lilly Love stamp
Lilly Love by prwnaw

All of these designs are ON SALE NOW - until July 17, 2009 when you buy 5 or more sheets of wedding stamps. Each sheet holds 20 stamps. Use code weddingpost9 at checkout for the discount.

For more calla lily postage stamps - and flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, visit Perfect Postage. Thousands of flowers are available in our wedding postage stamp garden. If you don't see what you want, let us know and we'll find it for you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fall flowers add finesse to wedding invitations

Fall weddings are coming soon and wedding invitations will be hitting the mailboxes.

Why not add a perfect touch to your envelopes with custom wedding postage - from Perfect Postage. Whether your color theme is golden yellow, burnt orange or classic cream, we have a flower design you'll love. Roses, dalias, daisies, plumerias, lilacs, baby's breath, poppies, roses, hydrangea, tiger lilies, iris, orchids ... just a few of the thousands of flower designs you can choose from. If we don't have the flower you want, we'll find it for you.

With custom Perfect Postage, your invitations will not only get delivered, they'll get noticed. You can choose from 3 sizes and 7 different denominations.

Custom postage is on sale until July 17 (5 sheets or more receive a 25% discount). Visit Perfect Postage today and let's get started!

Sale on Postage - 25% off until July 17, 2009

Brides to be and Wedding Planners! Wedding postage is on sale now for 25% off (if you buy 5 or more sheets). Each sheet of custom postage has 20 stamps. You can design your own - or visit Perfect Postage for custom designs. To get the discounted rate, use code weddingpost9 at checkout. (Even though it is advertised as a wedding postage sale, all postage will be discounted when using this code.) Hurry, this sale ends July 17, 2009.